Meredith in London

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I love Brighton. I could spend years there wandering the little shops, laying on the beach and just basking in its coolness. I also found out that I can drink 7 pints there and that helps you take a 45 minute trip and make it 7 hours...yet I still have very fond and silly memories of my dirty weekend in Brighton.
-took the train there at 9 in the morning from Victoria tube station
-fell asleep on the way there
-arrived and wanderd through north mews and other cute places, noting adorable shops
-got a tour of the Royal Pavilion, it looks likt Taj Ma Hall, crrrazy
-I frolicked outside for a bit
-Thanks to Laura Cottler I had billions of recomendations for places to eat and things to see! I really had such a great day and I know her recommendations helped
-went to the Pier and rode a little mini roller coaster
-Jules gave away her extra coins to a mom and kid and the mom thought Jules was trying to sell her something
-played a game in the arcade room...lost
-headed back to the North mews (I think that's what they were called) and found the Pulp Kitchen where LC told us to go.
-we all got salads and they were the best salads ever and VERY cheap, and such an LA feel, just like LC said it would be
- headed over to Shakeaways for milkshakes! This place makes over 100 types of milkshakes and that doesnt even include all the combos you can make!
- I made the most delicious treat ever...flavour: apple blackberry addition: ginger nuts (snaps)
....tasted like heavan, meg got chocoalte muffin and jules got chocholate chip cookie and banana...all were quite tasty and precious at the same time
-they even make them hot if you want them to!
-wandered around Brighton and stopped in resale shop after resale shop..I was in heaven!
-found an antique gallery which was like a glorified resale shop!
-final purchases included vintage post cards and two blazers! I have worn my blazer like 6 times already :)
-found another flea market and then attempted to find a pub to enjoy a pint or two..or 7
-walked in to Ha Ha bar and realized that if we got seats in teh big red couches we would never leave
-we got seats in the big red couches, and we left 4 hours later
-we played drinking games in the couch cave we were in after we convinced Jules to go to teh news stand and buy cards
-she had radar and was back with the cards in 5 minutes
-at 10:15 we left the bar, went to the train station and boarded a train back to london, we were very proud of ourselves for finding the right train and getting on it in time! lucky us :)

The trip home:
-bought wine on the way to the train station, even bought an opener
-fell asleep on the train, took a few pics beforehand
-missed london and the train conductor came to wake us up
-found the train to London and some old creepy dude asked us if we wanted some chocolate
-I shooooed him away but he still managed to sit with
-felt sick so went and passed out on another seat
-got to Kings Cross Station and couldnt find a cab
-got a bus (we thought took us to tragalgar square)
-bus took us all the way to one stop away from Stu's soccer 3 baby
-called stu at 4am, got the taxi number, lady wouldnt send us one b/c we didnt know the zip code..i yelled at her but then we got on the right bus
-took the bus to trafalgar square and still couldnt find a taxi!....then finally got one at about 4:30am
-got home at 5am....or maybe was brutal, but we MADE IT!
-stayed up even more for a little M&M show, the finally fell asleep at 6am.

Even after our extended trip home I still love Brighton!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday of Spring Break 2

-was totally going to go to the Tower Bridge with Meg but we both slept late b/c we were exhausted
-went to class with Keith, my fav history teacher
-shared with Keith that I am related to the Duke of Norfolk and that my family owned the boat of the Boston Tea Party
-watched the last episode of Black Adder which has the guy that plays Mr. Beand and the lead doctor of HOUSE in it when they were much younger
-headed home, had some salad with pesto salad dressing (homemade by me!) and planned a night at cheapskates with Jules
-got to cheapskates and realized neither of us had over 10 pounds on us
-SPOS'd at cheapskates and realized it was all 20 year olds and then decided to peace out
-found an ATM and headed to another bar, but was sucked in to THIRST, our favourite bar on Greek Street where we manage to become dance queens every time we arrive!
-Met up with Meg and danced our hearts out, hair flipping, hip shaking fun
-left thirst when we realized that we were the only females left at the club
-took pictures with the coat check sign
-performed some karate moves in the street
-Jules and Meg didnt want to wait for a bus so we got a Taxi...he did not know what he was in for that night with us gals!
-managed to take more pics IN the cab than I did the entire night out
-pretended to be a tree or pole at one point, also pretended to fly and rolled around the floor of the cab with Meg while Julia posed as cleopatra and then again as a monkey
-had the cab driver drop us off at TESCO, b/c we are that ridiculus
-Meg went hard core grocery shopping and got some corn, pasta and lettuce
-I purchased some Cous Cous from the reduced item bin and took advantage of the 3 for 3 pound deal on the taste sensations chips!
-frolicked home with Meg, Jules and our Tesco merchandise
-shared the information with BethAnne that the couscous was on sale and should buy some NOW!
-presented the M&M show for all to see, woke up beth but included her in the madness and mess making.
-BethAnne didnt know what she was witnessing but compared it to a car accident on the highway that you slow down and like cant stop watching... "it just sucks you in!"
-we all got to vent, throw things and giggle WAY too much, and thus the M&M show, or at least the title of the production was born
THen at about 4 am we passed out, me on teh couch with Meg's coat b/c I didnt want to wake up dee (such a good roommate) even tho meg tried to put me to bed, but I just love our dirty couches THAT much
-woke up ready for another awesome day of the sunshine...hungover

Thursday of Spring Break 2

We all had decided that after break we would go wild a bit b/c we hadnt partied in London together in quite sometime. So..Me, Jules and Meg enjoyed ourselves during Spring Break 2 (Spring Break 1 being our first week in London).

-discussed the House of Parliament otherwise known as the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey during Architecture.
-Jules and I were hurting form the night before but still managed to add to the class discussion
-had theater class with Jean, and got to talk about The GOd of Hell
- no one wanted to debate so leave it to Jules, she threw out her opinion
-we also discussed our own opinions with Jean while she smoked during break from class
-I asked her how to get Richard II tickets and she was quite impressed that not only was I the first to ask but that I intended to go by myself b/c i didnt care and wasnt going to wait for other people
-chatted with jean some more about our political views
-headed back to Sutherland
-Jules and I made it out to the Elgin that night for some Fosters topped with Lemonade and a Vodka Tonic
-we witnessed the cheesiest pick up line known to man:#
It went like this....."hey, i have this bussiness card for a fix you bald spot company, my friend thinks I need it, do I?" and he brought out a card...oh man pathetic
- so we chatted with Marco or whatever his name was, talked about ancestry b/c I guess that's normal talk for the first five minutes you've met someone and then after the bartender kicked us out we skipped back to Sutherland Avenue.

Another night with Jules, many a topic discussed...don't know what she doesn't know about me anymore. Had some tea as usual when I got back home, chatted a bit and somehow stayed up till like 3 am as usual and then finally passed out b/c we had a trip to Brighton in the morning!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005


-arrived on time to catch the bus #34, missed it, freaked out, froze our toes off but then called the hotel and they came and PICKED US UP!! sooo nice!
-Abigale, the daughter of one of the workers came and picked us up and totally took the scenic route
-we got the Margartia Cottage and were told we would be sharing it with Raul, the Spaniard
-Met Nobuko, the owner and her golden retrievers, her husband Guido, drove us to their restaraunt, "La Trapola" and we had a 3 course meal with some Australians, made by the chef from New York City!
-tried Grapa and Lemoncello and shared 3 bottles of wine with everyone
-Scott and Zoey from Australia taught me about cheese and wine, and Zoey worked at the coffee place where J.K. Rowling sat and wrote Harry Potter!
- I had the cheese plate for an appetizer and it came with honey...soo good!
-some random dude busts in the place and we find out he's our roommate at the cottage!
-he's a journalist and aspiring actor, he also left us a note when we got to our cottage telling us about himself and such
-after dinner we went back to the cottage and he made us tea and we had white wine and tea with raul while talking about Spain and Europe
-he told us about his Ex-girlfriend and how he needs to not have girl roommates b/c he always falls in love with them
-I had duck and then Tirra MIssou for dessert, sooo good!

-woke up a little early, took pictures around the cottage
-Nobuko, teh owner brought us tea and crossaints
-shared the car with some new Australians down to Siena, driven by Arnando the worker dude
-totally raining in Siena, but it was still adorable
-saw the coffee shop where Mr. Harig knew the owner when he lived in Siena
-saw the San Domenica Square where they have the big horse race
-saw the Duomo or actually the big picture of it b/c they were cleaning it, what a concept?
-so many cute shops along the road
-hopped in a mom and pop grocery store and got some pasta, cheese and sauce for dinner at the cottage/villa..i prefer villa


-went to the Ufizi gallery the first public museum
-met a lady from Florida, traveling by herself, and of course wearing tevas
-saw Michaelangelo, DaVinci, and the largest Portrait collection in the world
-attached myself to a tour and got yelled at by some annoying short american
-saw the third and final Ucello painting of the battle between Sienna and Florence, the other two paintings being at the Louvre and the National Gallery
-went to the Acadamia
-met couple from Napa Valley
-waited 2 hours
-saw David, took an illegal picture of him
-saw tons of original casts of some famous artist's sculptures
-got some really good gelato
-got losts in Florence, saw some big park on the outskirts of town
-had pizza for dinner outside in a piazza
-wandered around the Arnos river
-at the Ufizzi saw the famous Venus painting
-came home late and got a text from Jules saying she was in florence!
-passed out mid text so ended up not meeting up with Julia
-Jules found a kareoke bar tho, heard the story later

-woke up early to get to the Pitti Palace
-saw tons of art and peaked at the Boboli Gardens through the window
-saw the state rooms of the palace
-place was empty b/c we were there so early
-were the state rooms of Medici family
-saw paintings by Filipino Lippi
-Duke Leopold once lived at the Pitti Palace
-walk back to hotel, decide to try and find Julia's hotel
-about the text Julia in front of her hotel and she busts out the door and gives me a huge bear hug...great moment!
-took pictures on the Ponte Vechio with Jules and Dee, showed Jules the Hotel Brentagna
-headed to train station, trying to find bus station
-searched around and around and no one helped us, but NO WORRIES, even in the rain I still found the bus station!!
-got tickets to Siena...missed the bus b/c our watches were wrong...oh traveling on your own always has its adventures!
-packed on the bus, fell asleep on the way, saw some pretty hills along the way :)
-arrived in SIENA!

Getting to Florence

- got up and went to the center to print out everything for italy
- center was closed so I had to register at the Library and pay about 10 bucks for copies, oh well, it was for a reservation in Tuscany! :)
-picked up my camera from the camera shop
-waited at the cafe across from the camera shop stalking them out so I could get in there right when it opened
-got the camera, attempted to find a razor at boots, failed and then headed home
-finished packing, changed and ran out the door on my way to a week in Italy!
-boarded the Terravision bus at the Liverpool station, listened to some hot italian pop music and finally arrived at Stanstead, boarded the plane and met our friend Mazi, who is still in contact with Dee to this day
-Mazi is like a 20 something BEAUTIFUL Italian dude, who decided to adopt Dee and I and make sure were survived our Italy trip
-if we had checked her email during the trip he had asked to meet up with us in florence...crrazy!
-got to Pisa, boarded Terravision and was off to Rome! ALong the way saw tons of tiny churches on lit up all throughout the hills on our trip to Florence
-arrived at the trainstation in Florence, asked some Americans for directions and found our Hotel, the Hotel Brentagna, which at first looked like it actually didnt exist
-didnt have to pay b/c we didnt have cash on us and the reception lady didnt care
-got to the room, with super high ceilings, a beautiful view, and realized we were only paying 20 bucks a night to stay in a renovated mansion of an Italian merchant! holy crap!
-passed out in the mansion along the river in the middle of Florence....ooh life is wonderful

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sunday and Monday (after Italy)

-arrive at airport at 11pm and sleep in the arrivals area and even tho the bathrooms were clean, the door was open
-did a crossword puzzle with a random canadian girl, dee and a girl from New Zealand
-checked in at 5:30am
-watched random italian girl with 6 fake purses strut around the airport with her tight jeans
-boarded the tram to get us to the plane (adding another mode of transportation to our trip home
-finally got on the plane and heard the magic flute ryan air theme song music and passed out
-boarded the Terravision bus and got to listen to some rockin Italian pop music at 8:00am
-arrived, after passing out again on the bus, at Liverpool Street Station
-boarded the tube and headed home to Sutherland Ave
-finally arrived home at about 11 after starting our travel journey at 6pm the day before
-had a random burst of adrenaline and stayed up till at least midnight doing computer stuff, unpacking and just getting back in the swing of things at good ole Sutherland Ave
-reunited with the rest of the program and then finally passed out in Flat K, home sweet home for the semester!
-Art History class at the Wallace Collection which boasts one of the best collections of 18th century French paintings, that are quite scandolous with their Rococo style and subject matter
-went straight to the Leather Lane Market and shopped for some London outfits after realizing I had been a little too frugal and had nothing to show for my new london fashion sense
-at the market I found a store you all know I fell in love with....a resale store!!! I got awesome stuff AND I got some knitting supplies b/c I missed being crafty that much
-I proceded to the dried fruit stand and tried some dried bananas and proclaimed that one day I would try the dried bananas
-came back to Sutherland Ave to drop off my good and headed to Tesco, Boots and the Market
-felt very accomplished and very local b/c I had a really cute London outfit on and I got all my errands done and came home and had some tea
-made myself a big salad for dinner with the lettuce I bought at the Market and then headed to the play "The God of Hell"
-we left too late for the play and when we arrived at the tube stop no one knew how to get there so I took over and got us to the play with 5 minutes to spare...rock on A-Zed and my ability to use maps, perhaps it comes from being in the backseat of the car my whole life and being the last resort when and Lori got lost
-the play was insane, sooo good for democrats, written by an American, ooh it was good, almost made me cry and made me want to run for president! I recommend it to anyone who hates Bush or wants to see something that will freak you out.
-met up with stu at the warrington with Jules, Dee and Julia's sister Heather
-made stu some tea and didnt take out the tea bag
-passed out

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Rest, Freak Out, and Tesco Products

So I woke up late, barely left the house and felt like someone had hit me in the head with a brick, but I could swallow and knew that in a few days I was going to Italy so I was fine.
1. Woke up w/o an alarm clock again, rock on relaxing!
2. Met Meg's sister
3. Had some Tea, I had calmed down on the tea since my tea binge on Tuesday night while studying for Keith's exam
4. watched a few episodes of friends...letting my body rest and heal in the process
5. freaked out online with my fam about my health
6. kept freaking out
7. cried, explained it to Dee, then Lori calmed me down
8. went to boots, which was closed and the other tesco but decided that our tesco was soo much better...just b/c
9. Got some creepy natural yogurt and called it a night
10. Got secretly really excited b/c spiderman was on!
11. Made some tea and realized that I am in Europe, just about to backpack through tuscany!!!

That's all for now, tomorrow is busy busy with travel and such before my flight to Italy. I can't wait and it seems that I will have tour guides in every city! I'm staying along the Arnos river in Florence at the Hotel Bretagna (google it, it's freakin amazing!) and at the Castle Selvole. I'm soo excited and in Rome we're staying with one of Dee's friends! Yay for Italy and expect some great pictures and to hear me talk longingly about my trip to Italy when I get back! Enjoy your 3rd week of October, I sure will!

Thr, Fri, Sat, Sun

After wizzing through my architecture midterm which I studied for a total of 1 hour, we walked around Bloomsbury and ended in the British Museum. It was an interesting class and I found out that all the proceeds of the story of Peter Pan, used in ANY way, go to a hospital in London. Even Disney had to make special arrangements with the hospital. Anyway... here is Thursday and the rest of the weekend as a list, not much happened but lots of planning, stressing, healing, antibiotics and yogurt.
1. Between Architecturea and Theater class Jules and I went to Tesco where I got some ice cream b/c that was the only thing I could get down my throat without crying
2. I fell asleep on the floor of the centre's computer room on top of my purse and started snoring, next to the fireplace near the soot that had fallen on the floor
3. After class Dee and I went to Victoria tube station to find the Medicentre
4. The Medicentre has free apples and coffee and also has really good magazines
*did you know charlotte church is like all over the gossip columns over here?*
5. The nice South African Doctor gave me horse pills of penicilin and comforted me when as I cried about how bad my tonsils hurt
6. He didnt have to use his hold down the patients tongue wood stick thing b/c my tonsils were that gross
7. I officially was diagnosed with tonsolitis
8. back home I made some food, and passed out on the couch
9. Dee and Meg cleaned up after me b/c I was so out of it I could barely make it up the ladder of my bunk bed to get to bed
10. I woke up later and Stu was here to visit
11. Stu hung around till Meg was ready to go out and we planned our dinner with Stu
12. I had some soup and then I passed out and b/c the next day was Friday I got to sleep as long as I wanted!!!
1. Woke up at noon w/o an alarm clock = glorious!
2. headed to the center to do some research and plan our entire Italy trip
3. Decided on Florence...Siena...Rome
4. Lizzie kicked us out of the Centre
5. I ran to the camera store to bug them again about my camera
6. De made friends at STA
7. We stopped by Tesco and scavaged through their reduced price bin to get some great deals like 53p stir fry, 1 pound pizza, 83 p thai noodle stir fry dinner, and and a 1 pound salad..rock on
8. After finding our great deals and some yogurt Dee and I retired back to Sutherland Ave had some food and once again I passed out...sick and tired
1. I got to wake up whenever I wanted!!! I heart not having to use an alarm clock!
2. Dee and I headed back to Russell Square Station and headed off to do some errands
3. I pestered the camera dude again who let me know he had talked to the manager and notified me he would have the camera on time for my trip to Italy
4. The camera dudes are totally intimidated by me
5. Dee got her new ISIC card and Dee found our new favorite shop where I got tights, mints, a notebook and a cheap water bottle, everything you need in life
6. After feeling accomplished but not touristy we decided to go to Coven Garden Market
7. Saw the street performers and the awesome pubs at Covent Garden and noted when we needed to come back to find the good deals at the Markets and enjoy the nightlife at the pubs
8. Headed back to Tesco to get some yogurt and A-line to the reduced price bin
9. Headed home b/c I thought west wing was going to be on, it wasn't, BUT.....ZOOLANDER was on and we enjoyed all the american humor in its glory
10. It was also decided that Meg should be served toast while taking a bath and she might perhaps be addicted to toast
11. De and I went music download crazy
10. After some chatting, Italy research and a direct connect with the sis I passed out.

Saturday was at least a small percent tourist but remember I was still healing my tonsils and getting ready for a WEEK traveling through Tuscany and to Rome!

Wednesday and the tonsils

So Wednesday was the day I decided something might just be wrong since I couldnt swallow anything and I had to brae myself every time I yawned, swallowed or talked. But past that I was fine and ready for my midterm and Shakespeare's Measure for Measure at the Globe Theater on the Southbank.

1. Dee and I woke up at 9 am to study and get totally prepared for Keith's midterm!
2. Since I looked like death, we decided not to head out of the house to study and instead study on the couches and quiz each other on the Duke of Wellington and his pals Peel and the Tories
3. We aced the midterm, and then we had to learn the rest of class
4. Globe theater was that night so we bundled up, put on our rain gear and headed out
5. It was raining and there is no roof, so....we got rained on while watching authentic Shakespeare with an all male cast in costumes that had no modern ammenities
6. I stood the entire time as a groundling for the best view and experience
7. I even almost fainted but kept on standing
8. Came back to the flat and pretended to study for an hour but then passed out with the light on in my bed
9. After having been lectured by everyone and my sister I decided to go to the medicentre the next day after class

I fell asleep and felt like crap but I had seen shakespeare so my had NOT been wasted!

midterms, the globe and tonsolitis


This week my body decided to physicallly let me know that I was not treating it as well as I should be...after Paris, Ireland, and no sleep.
Monday: Cork ALL day and then back here by 1am
Tuesday: Art History Midterm and then class at the British Library! I think I did rather well on my midterm and then during our class at the British Museum I saw loads of impressive pieces of paper.

Within 10 minutes I saw:
1. The King's Collection" of George III and IV
2. Handel's Mossiah
3. One of Mozart's symphonies (which had NO mistakes b/c it was all in his head)
4. THE Magna Carta
5. Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" original copy
6. Jane Austen's "Persuasion" original copy and her writing desk
7 .works of Goethe
8. Bethoven's tuning fork and some of his work
9. more work of Bach and Mozart
10. Haydn's drumroll
11. THE Guttenberg Bible
12. Handwritten lyrics of The Beatles's "Yesterday"
13. Handwritten lyrics of The Beatles's "It's a Hard Day's Night"
14. Handwritten lyrics of The Beatles's "Ticke to Ride"
15. Handwritten lyrics of The Beatles's "Here, There and Everywhere"
16. Handwritten lyrics of The Beatles's "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"
17. Other little pics of The Beatles with signatures of the band
18. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (pretty much the history of white people)
19. Some of Leonardo DaVinci's original notebooks
20. Galileo's first published scientific publication
21. Stamps from the Stamp Act
22. Elizabeth the I's letter notifying her of her succession to the throne
23. Shakespeare's first Folio of his works
24. Some of Shakespeare's sonnets
25. The original illustrated Alice and Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

The rest of Tuesday: (moments, activities and quotes)
1. headed back to the flat b/c I thankfully didn't have class, I think I managed to sleep, make a journal entry and veg out...but just barely
2. De and I had intense study time together late that night and became EXPERTS on Mondern British History!
3. De knows more about Duke Wellington than any of her boyfriends in history
4. I heart the BOER WAR!!!!"
5. Mrs. BethAnne Suthridge (hearts dotting the i's specifically)
6. Did you know that Queen Victoria's favorite son was named after the Duke of Wellington
7. Tom Walsh is my hero and he has spectacular notes...just glorious
8. Deirdre Lyons is also my hero...she is just incredible and happy
9. De and I managed to stay up till 3am studying and our efforts paid off!
10. No sleep once again and time for another midterm with our favorite history buff Keith!

Blarney Castle, creeptastic cave and back to London

When you wake up at 8:30 am and realize you will not be home in bed in London till 2's quite a feeling, especially when you realize you have to fly home and take like 8 million different modes of transportation! But, no worries, when you are with Julia and De the giggles are constant and the stories just keep coming :)
1. Wake up and hurry to breakfast for the free toast! 6 slices a piece easily with my toast making skills and Julia and De arranging such a beautiful table.

2. Packed up and ready to head out we checked out of the precious Kinlay House, walked down our favorite dirty street with the beer can collection and got on a bus to the Blarney Castle!
3. Upon arrival at the Blarney Castle we saw cows, roses and it began to rain..something we were used to in Ireland
4. On the bus we decided that Mark and his friends were 24, 23, 27 and such
5. We still had not showered
6. Tip #1: Bring a flashlight to the Blarney Castle so you can explore the creeptastic caves and dungeons all around the castle and gardens
7. I officially kissed the Blarney Stone, which doesnt look special at all and supposedly no one besides Americans and Canadians go to kiss this thing.
8. We explored all around the castle and thanks to some random dude we crawled as far as we could through the cave under the castle and I stole a rock for my official stone from blarney
9. Sent a postcard home so it could have the Blarney Postage Mark on it...always thinking of Nanny and her collections
10. Sat at a pub while Jules got some food, I had my power bar and then we grabbed the bus back to Cork.
11. Since we were officially useless we decided to go see a movie since there was supposedly a film festival going on that weekend
12. The only film showing at that time was Tara Road....too saptastic even for the Lifetime TV. Irish people being sad about their lives, cheating husbands, Andy MacDowel being quiet and sad and in the end things are a little better....please do not go see it, even though it will forever have a place in my heart
13. After the movie, we headed back out in the rain and to the bus station in order to catch the bus to the airport and head home to LONDON!
14. By this time we had enough of Ireland, although it was lovely, and we were secretly chanting BAKERLOO in our head
15. Once at the airport we ran for table in the corner and started studying Art History b/c we had an exam the next day at 10am
16. I attempted to eat a raw potato with some salt, it was not a pretty taste or sight
17. We had some digestive tea biscuits b/c we ran to tesco as soon as we saw the sign, it felt like home and they had some good deals once again
18. Study Study Study....we wanted to make Amy proud
19. bought a present duty free and then boarded the plane
20. got back to london, still had one train and one taxi till back at Sutherland
21. Back at Sutherland we waltzed in and threw our bags down and ran to our designated showeres
22. We were glad to be home, Ireland WAS actually fun and a great weekend just very my body would let me know a few days later

Jules, De and I enjoyed our trip, being the only ones on the program to travel that weekend made us proud, but then it was time to study for midterms..thankfully back in London.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Good Morning Toaster

Sunday at the Kinlay House began with toast...and lots of it!
1. I am the toastmaster and I can butt in any line to get in my 9 slices of toast for the three of us and don't think I won't do it twice
2. De and Julia set up very pretty table settings including a jelly tower, tea cup and silverware
3. some people really don't know how to toast bread
4. We had to reaarange our hair and makeup in order to look like we hadnt been hit by a truck
5. We ventured down to the bus station to find out that the next bus to Kinsale didnt leave for another hour..and nothing in town opens till 12
6. Burger King was the only place open for Julia to get a coffee and when she ordered her "tall coffe with skim" the worker replied "we got creamer?" and looked at her oddly
7. Hiked back to the bus stationg and pushed our way on to the bus to Kinsale, along with 30 elderly people with tour books and ready for some gourmet food
8. Arriving in Kinsale, in search of bluffs and museums we were locked out of the tourism center because like Cork, they are not open on Sundays
9. So..we embarked on our journey through Kinsale, but first stopped at the White House for a pint and Julia got some soup and a sandwich...De and I of course had packed out lunch, I just splurged for a local brew
10. In Kinsale before our trek to find the bluffs we saw the Museum of Wine which is also a Castle...the thing was like 2 feet wide and had two rooms, but heck we did it and I once again took pictures behind bars and with another wax figure...Hennesey, Mr. Cognac
11. While wandering around the town we saw some old churches and the Kinsale Museum which included some big anchors and handcuffs
12. Then our journey to find "BLUFFS! I want to see BLUFFS!" -de
12. We walked all along the coast, saw some cute boats, some jogging irish people, some more water, I stole a rock for my dad, and then kept moving forward in search for bluffs
13. Next we found the closest thing to bluffs that we could, took some pics, enjoyed the very irish surroundings and then headed back in to town to catch the bus
14. Glad we caught the bus b/c it left 20 minutes earlier than it was listed as leaving
15. Got back to Cork, our homebase and collapsed on our awesome red, 15 year old bunk beds
16. De and I were determined to us the food we had brought along with us and cooked ourselves the biggest pasta dinner ever with pasta, onions and lots of stolen salt
17. We were very proud of our thrifty-ness and made a bffr from Belfast
18. After our dinner we got ready for the night and Julia happily proclaimed "I've pushed myself to a new level of discomfort"
19. After more eyeliner and some teasing we headed out for the night in search of live music...first place lied to us and didn't have live music so I just got one pint (a blarney blonde), looked at the odd locals, and peaced out
20. Then on our way to another bar Julia yells "I hear a cover band, I hear a cover!"
21. We barged in to the next bar to hear "Sweet Home Alabama" and grab a pint in order to fully enjoy the live music at yet another bar in Cork
22. I was told I was too proper by some guy who decided to start dancing with Julia and creep us, I put my pinky up while drinking my pint and asked him if he had a problem, he then walked away :)
23. Next, when I was getting another Bulmers Cider, a happy irish bloke asked me "How's the cider?" which was followed automatically by "ahhhhhr Maahhhrk what kihnd uf a liihn is tat?" which translates to "ahhh Mark, what kind of a line is that?"
24. We all chatted with Mark and his friends Bristol, someone else, another guy, and somone else...
Random Quotes/moments with Maahrk and his pals:
1. You got served?
2. How's your cider?
3. 3 is better than 1!!!!
4. Your cherry is safe with me (Julia's umbrella)
5. Never stay in the North Side
6. can you supply for my circus?
7. "He's ben staahrin at yar all nite und he thanks yar garges but he's a shy one"
8. dont kiss the blarney stone
9. explanation of a black eye = dog ate my homework
10. please steal your sister's plate for me (frank sinatra plate)

25. So our night with the boys ended up with free drinks at the bodega and such, fun times had by all, more fun by some, me with mark and Jules with someone else, De went home BUT we all made it back tho to our favorite place...the KINLAY HOUSE!
26. At 4am Julia and I happily pass out, obviusly anxious for the Blarney Castle the next day!
27. We finished Julia's cheese too b/c you nevr want to waste good cheese.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The day that began too early

SO yeah, the day began at 3am...
In order to get to Cork, Ireland this was the process:
1. wake up 3 am
2. get cab at 3:45 to Liverpool Street Station
*cab company suggested by Stu and reserved by Julia
3. purchase tickets for Stanstead Express
*using my ISIC card for a student discount, which I accidently switched with Meg so I had to pretend to be Meghan McCracken
4. Board Stanstead Express to Stanstead Airport
5. Arrive Stanstead Airport, find RyanAir
6. check in with RyanAir
7. Find Ryan Air gate
8. Board RyanAir flight to Cork
9. Arrive Cork Airport
10. Taxi from Cork Airport to Hostel

AND...we arrived at our hostel at 8am in time for the free breakfast...meaning free toast, butter, jam, tea and coffee...believe me, we took advantage of the toast.

Saturday in Cork:
1. Realize that we had made it to the hostel in time for the free breakfast
2. Go straight to the Shandon Bells and ring them as loud as we can
3. De and I, after realizing we can't play Amazing Grace b/c the #3 bell doesnt work, decide to play "When the Saint's Go Marching In" soo apporprate for Cork, Ireland
4. We put on our ear protectors and climbed the stone steps up to the top of the St. Ann Church to look at our first "high up" view of Ireland
5. De and I remembered that we had already seen Ireland from high up on the plane and it was pretty impressive then because we saw of De's favorite things
6. After enjoying the view we headed back down to wait in line behind 2 4 year olds for our turn with the bells...these things are famous
7. We wandered around and found the CORK BUTTER MUSEUM!!!
8. Realized the museum cost a little too much for just butter so we decided to show our enthusiasm outside the museum
9. Walked to the Cork County Goul (spelling?) an old old jail that was the definition of "creeptastic" with its plentiful amount of wax figures
10. Took way too many pictures in and out of prison walls
11. Got to see the glorious video saying "remember me" by the former inmates
12. Went to the outdoor market the Coal Quay and noted that every guy at a booth that sells cheese is always cute no matter what country
13. On our way to the market we walked by George Bode's house who invented Bodelean Algebra...very impressive
14. Headed over to the English Market, bought some cheese and bread and took in the surroundings of another awesome market...although England's still win
15. Ate Cheese and Bread in the Bishop Lucey Park
16. Watched some 14 year old townies yell at each other in the Park
17. Attempted to find another touristy building but then realized it was 5pm and we had been up since 3am...therefore had been going strong for 14 hours
18. Headed back up the hill to the Kinlay House Budget Accomodation and watched some football in the TV room
19. In the TV room I literally put my head on Julia's shoulder and fell asleep for an hour
20. We then all watched "He's having a baby" an English show about newborn babies' dads
21. Taking a look at the showers, realized we would just have live without them for the weekend
22. Got ready and headed out, with tips from Paul at the they were not good and he led us to some random place where no one was there
23. We found another place, got a pint, requested music, and Julia and I danced hard core to Candyshop and Crazy in Love....because why not dance to 50 cent and Beyonce when in Ireland
24. Some random creeper decided to befriend us, we got a free drink and happily drifted away and right out of the bar
25. On our way down the hill and around the streets of Cork we discovered a big bar, pretty quiet but classy so we decided to stay...and THEN Michael Buble came on! was a sign
26. THEN they started playing live music, best cover band ever
27. So...b/c we had been there a while we wandered around, I had a Beamish (a local brew) which tasted like coffee and we decided to head back to our original place b/c we missed the good cover music
28. They played every single AZD song AND the killers....quite a wide variety
29. Can't forget that Julia had chips that were flavored, shaped and colored to look like bacon
30. After the bacon chips and live music at every bar we went to...we headed back to our favorite budget accomadation

Saturday was long but full of Touristy goodness and some advice from our Taxi driver..the next day we were headed to Kinsale, just a bus ride away to find from bluffs!